Let us introduce you to The Anago Plan:

Big or Small, We Clean Them All!

Advanced Methods and Techniques. Anago is known for innovation in the arena of commercial cleaning services. We make a habit of constantly researching new methods and techniques as it pertains to the janitorial services we provide. Furthermore, we make certain that our cleaning professionals receive ongoing training and education regarding cleaning products, techniques and equipment.

SmartCleanSM. Studies have shown that employees are more productive and visitors more comfortable and impressed when an office or commercial facility feels clean. At Anago, we believe in providing custom cleaning services that address your needs and honor your budget. Let us help you to maximize the health of all who serve in your office while allowing you to make the impression you desire on clients.

Cleaning Green. Anago is committed to the concept of green cleaning. We believe we have a responsibility to make the commercial facilities we serve safe for all who inhabit them. To that end, we employ environmentally sound cleaning equipment, approved dispensing systems, microfiber products and recyclable containers to eliminate bacterial transfer. We clean the right way for everyone involved, and for the planet as a whole.

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Customized Work Schedule. We know that when it comes to their business cleaning needs each client is different. With this in mind, we create custom cleaning plans and schedules for each of our clients. Cleaning and budgetary needs are placed front and center in each of our custom plans, which are implemented with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Client Support. We are here when our clients need us, as illustrated by our 24/7 service lines. Furthermore, should you have an emergency we will respond within two hours. We also implement regular inspections and surveys so that your satisfaction is always front and center.

Communications Log. The majority of our custodial services and office cleaning duties are performed after hours. In order to keep you up-to-date on our efforts, we keep a Communications Log on-site so that you may verify that the services in your custom cleaning plan were completed in a timely fashion.

Security Protection. Those who work under the Anago name are bonded and insured professionals, and are committed to carrying out their work with the utmost in discretion and confidentiality.