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Now more than ever, having a clean space is vital for both the productivity and wellbeing of both your customers and employees. Making sure that your place of business is being kept clean can not only keep your business open longer, but it can prevent your employees from regularly getting sick.

Anago Commercial Cleaning Services of Dallas provides commercial janitorial services for Wylie, TX, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on knowing the latest cleaning techniques for every type of business and commercial area and can work with you to find a combination of services that works for your budget.


Custom Cleaning Services We Offer

We’ll let you choose from several different cleaning services based on your budget and needs of your business. This can include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Restroom Cleaning – The restrooms of any business are by far the dirtiest, and the easiest place for germs to spread. By having frequent restroom cleanings from professional janitors, you’re reducing the likelihood that your employees or customers will come down sick.
  • Emergency Clean Up – Spills and accidents happen, quite frequently. If you feel like your business needs it, we can be on speed-dial, ensuring any and all spills can be cleaned up as soon as possible.
  • Surface Disinfection – We’ll go around and disinfect frequently touched surfaces – door handles, phones, etc. – to keep germs from spreading.

Don’t know how frequently your business will need these services? That’s okay. Anago Commercial Cleaning Services of Dallas will work with you to provide commercial janitorial services on a schedule that fits your business best.

Anago Commercial Cleaning Services will work with you through every step of your custom cleaning plan. You’ll choose when our cleaners come, and the services. Our cleaning staff is trained in all of the latest janitorial techniques to eliminate germs and keep your business clean, using all green cleaning products.


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